The Aetherius Society: a worldwide Organization Unites Spiritual guys & Females on a Cosmic Mission

The Quick Version: In 1954, Dr. George King was given a message from unknown askin him to carry tranquility to the world and develop mans knowledge of the world. The guy created a nonprofit company called The Aetherius culture to express the theories of an otherworldly intelligence that assist open-minded people begin a journey of religious awakening. For a long time, the culture has accumulated good electricity from numerous fans and buddies whom worry deeply about putting some world a loving spot. When this humanitarian mission talks to your beliefs, you can study tips serve the reason by getting involved dating someone with a foot fetish a regional chapter in the usa, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, as well as other countries worldwide. From weekly prayer sessions to yearly pilgrimages, The Aetherius community taps into a cosmic understanding and spiritual power that is beyond belief.


Really love is actually a mysterious energy when you look at the universe. Love links folks, motivates activities, and gives indicating to an incredible number of everyday lives. While we may well not usually understand it, love is vital from what it indicates become human beings and exactly what it methods to end up being lively. Richard Lawrence, the Executive Secretary associated with Aetherius culture for Europe, in comparison like to h2o in another of their sermons: „equally existence as you may know it on the planet would never occur without liquid, nothing into the market could exist without really love.”

The Aetherius culture is a historical religious organization centered around spiritual comprehension and humanitarian acts. Members of the culture believe in a higher contacting to provide humankind by gathering and sending out good energy. In 1955, a visionary pilates grasp known as Dr. George King created the worldwide spiritual community after the guy obtained telepathic communications from an increased alien cleverness. He thought it had been their task to generally share the staying’s hopeful message of compassion, serenity, and really love.

Nowadays, The Aetherius community features a presence in London, la, and lots of metropolitan areas all over the world. The users generally bond to spread loving and healing power within communities and in the world. If you think drawn to this sacred purpose, you’ll be able to head to a lecture, attend a pilgrimage, or get involved with additional recovery traditions in the nonprofit business. Everyone, irrespective their history or opinions, is actually thank you for visiting get involved in The Aetherius culture’s efforts, enhance their religious understanding, and discover a greater purpose in daily life.

„Through the get-go, our primary tenet has been service to everyone,” stated the Reverend Oscar E. León associated with Aetherius community. „We’re right here to try to send just as much high spiritual electricity to everyone even as we can.”

Dr. George King launched the Religious motion in 1955

In May 1954, a message found Dr. George King, who was a grasp of yoga and a hypnotic trance method, while he was at his level in London. A gentle, yet firm, voice outside his body believed to him: „ready yourself! You might be becoming the vocals associated with Interplanetary Parliament.”

Today, George had never observed an interplanetary parliament, nevertheless the ethereal words left him stunned. The guy realized he previouslyn’t envisioned all of them, but the guy couldn’t fathom the things they implied. The guy spent the rest of their existence endeavoring to realize the master plan established by that prophetic initial get in touch with. Although he cannot describe why, he mentioned the guy comprehended without question that he had been contacted by an alien and strong power to greatly help bring mankind right back from the brink of damage.

By raising their religious comprehension and forging telepathic channels, George heard other emails through the extraterrestrial communicators, including a Venusian Master known as Aetherius, in fact it is a Greek term meaning traveler through ether.

George officially began The Aetherius Society in 1955. His purpose would be to distribute the teachings regarding the alien gods and lead other people down a path of enlightenment and comfort. The business provides since developed into a global motion encompassing numerous souls dedicated to residing and loving on a greater spiritual amount.

Look for the amazing tale of Dr. George King’s existence work here. As George themselves said, „i actually do maybe not ask the unbeliever to think at once, but only demand that he can be applied that which Aetherius says to his personal explanation.”

Discover Healing & factor on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What links people in The Aetherius culture together is actually a stronger, heartfelt desire to help other individuals while making the world a far better destination. People from all walks of life, from Quakers to atheists, navigate into the Aetherius community. „Our members result from different backgrounds along with various levels of spiritual advancement,” Oscar stated, „nonetheless all share the interior information or desire to get of religious solution to everyone.”

The company makes it simple for newcomers to obtain included by pleasant these to go to divine services or prayer rituals. All week long, people can immerse themselves inside the sermons, lectures, classes, and spiritual undertakings from the community. You’ll lookup events online and figure out whenever your neighborhood section convenes. The instructional and friendly atmosphere encourages people to get involved in the visualizations, mantras, and prayers dedicated to fostering world tranquility.

„It’s all very good,” Oscar told united states. „we plenty dynamic prayers and practices accustomed cleanse the heart and cure globally.”

One of many Aetherius Society’s many time-honored customs is actually their pilgrimages to holy mountains containing huge amounts of religious energy. The organization understands 19 mountains faced with immense religious significance. Since 1959, countless users have traveled towards the hills to charge and advance their spirits.

During times during the crisis, the Society attracts because of these holy web sites to discharge good electricity inside globe to counterbalance disasters, wartime conflict, governmental upheavals, also personal catastrophes.

„Anybody of any level of advancement can visit the mountains and participate in a selfless work of solution to contact the spiritual energies included within it,” Oscar told all of us. „the feeling differs from one individual to another, however it is constantly extremely positive and uplifting. Folks of all faiths, or no certain faith, tend to be welcome to join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded Individuals provide Their particular knowing & Support

From California to Australia, countless innovative people have become followers for the Aetherius Society and discovered typical surface with religious people who communicate comparable values. Often the entity in question has actually even fostered committed romantic connections.

Oscar told us he came across his spouse at an Aetherius culture event. She was actually a buddy of a single of users and went to a procedure energy Prayer occasion because she ended up being interested in the Society. The woman real interest and great attitude caught Oscar’s interest. The guy informed us the guy values her capacity to realize their values and discuss his goals.

Now they truly are happily hitched and committed to alike reason for promoting serenity globally. „She recognizes the necessity of serving humankind,” the guy mentioned. „Our commitment has been priceless to personal religious development. It has been a blessing in countless ways.”

Through The Aetherius culture, countless kind-hearted folks have discovered society and companionship. The organization stops working obstacles between folks and motivates hooking up on a higher spiritual airplane.

„it is very important at the moment in our history to create people with each other and reach beyond borders,” Oscar said. „the leader in The Aetherius Society’s lessons would be that we have been one people, therefore we should work much more with each other.”

The Aetherius community offers Enlightenment Through Service

„appreciate is an all-permeating fuel, which is above mind,” Dr. George King as soon as mentioned in a sermon. „This is the fantastic energy of cosmos.”

Although George passed away in 1997, his essential information resides in The Aetherius community. The desire to do good, express really love, and unite humankind pushes the entity in question onward, and today a fresh generation of religious people have stepped-up to lead the community within the twenty-first millennium.

Through routine sermons, pilgrimages, and various other holy efforts, The Aetherius Society provides furthered the religious trips of a huge selection of people internationally. Anybody can connect with people in this neighborhood in order to find value within the theories of love, serenity, and recognition.

„It’s a cosmic purpose, but it is available to everyone,” Oscar informed all of us. „All of our users, website visitors, and sympathizers share an aspire to offer which help treat the planet through a larger cosmic understanding of the universe.”